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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dockers to genuine good guys: The Four Pillars are all you need

Three decades ago, men had very limited options when it comes to pants. For instance, at work, it always had to be slacks—which soon became boring and uncomfortable. It was only when Dockers came along and introduced khakis and the relaxed California style that men finally had another option—khakis, casual and comfortable, but refined, still.

Soon enough, different types of pants became available for men, allowing them to wear a variety of pants for various occasions. 

  Look and feel great for the special moments that matter by knowing what pants to wear and when to wear them, with the help of Dockers’ Four Pillars.

Thirty years later, the genuine good guys have the opposite problem: there’s too much options. Overwhelmed when they enter clothing stores, men can’t help but become confused as to what they really need.

And as luck would have it, Dockers has again come up with a solution for this dilemma, because this trusted male clothing brand knows that it is not enough to simply wear pants, you should know when to wear them.

In this day and age, where there are so much types of pants to choose from, how pants fit and feel matters even more. Whether on a date, professional interviews, important meetings, casual work days or special events, any genuine good guy should look and feel great.  
So, Dockers reshapes things again by launching a pants classification system to narrow down the seemingly endless pants choices. This new organization system features four distinct cuts, which can be used for specific occasions, ridding men of the burden of not knowing what pair to pick.

For the denim fans, the stylish but comfy Jean Cut is the perfect pair. With its rugged and easygoing vibe, the Jean Cut is the ideal everyday ensemble.

Dockers organized a classification system for pants: the Four Pillars, helping genuine good guys decide which pants to wear for specific occasions.  

Featuring five-pocket styling, sturdy rivets, double-needle seams and a hint of stretch, available in various colors, fabrics and finishes, this is the kind of jeans you can end up wearing all weekend long without even noticing—that’s how great it looks and feels. 

Either for normal work days or special events, the Broken-In would be a wise choice. These vintage chinos exude a sophisticated and simple vibe.
With a strong double-needle and just the right amount of stretch, the washed-out Broken-In offers that classic lived-in feel.

Ace ‘smart casual’ by donning Clean Khaki, with its clean lines, classic khaki styling and hip colors.

Look effortlessly smart and stylish in the office by wearing these modern and versatile chinos. 

And of course, for the formal occasions, Dockers offers the best top-shelf pants, Best Pressed. The timeless pants are tailored with refined details and a sharp center crease, offered in many contemporary fits, for all genuine good guys.
And, just in time for the holidays, Dockers offers a VIP promo so you can grab all the four pillars and have all the pants you need. Genuine good guys can head to Dockers Rockwell, Festival Mall, Glorietta and Ayala Cebu from November 19 to 20 to enjoy a 50% exclusive sale on all regular priced items.


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