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Saturday, August 20, 2016

War Dogs: Movie Review

By: Matt Suzara

David Packouz (Miles Teller) is a licensed massage therapist. It doesn't pay him well, so he decided to sell bed sheets instead to retirement homes. However, his new business is a bust, and he desperately needs some income because he and his wife (Ana De Armas) are expecting a baby. David's fortune turns around when he bumps into his old best friend Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill), who is running a small gun business that bids on U.S. Military contracts. Soon, the two have been lucky to close up some deals that made their business grow more, and a 300 million dollar deal will test their company and even their friendship.

The film tells a very interesting story and boosted by awesome performances coming from Jonah Hill and Miles Teller. It has a great core in it but wasn't explored well. You can really feel the fun but you know that it could have been a lot better. Director Todd Phillips delivers some of the comedy right out of his pocket to kill the boredom in the picture because the film is a bit longer than it should have been.

At first, the tandem of Miles Teller and Jonah Hill feels a bit off, but the two proves that they could really work well as a team. Jonah Hill pulls off another magnetic performance where he becomes the spark plug of the entire thing. He just simply stole the spotlight each time and portrayed a character you would love to hate. We know that Miles Teller can be that great but didn't quite reach the same level of intensity in like he did in Whiplash in 2014. Still, both men delivered the chemistry the film needs and makes us believe that they are really best buddies in high school.

Overall, War Dogs is a solid film but feels that it could have been a little more better. There are a lot of rooms to explore but sadly, Todd Phillips didn't capitalize and make his latest work exceptional. It is still a fun ride with two smart amateur arms' dealers who love to run some guns. 

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 7 out of 10 stars  

Cast: Miles Teller, Jonah Hill

Directed by: Todd Phillips
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures PH
Opens August 24 in cinemas nationwide



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