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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Skiptrace: Movie Review

By: Matt Suzara

After failing to save the life of his partner, Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) promises to himself that he will reveal the real identity of the crime kingpin only known as the matador. However, after nine years of his investigative pursuit; he is still behind the tracks of business tycoon Victor Wong (Winston Chao) whom he believes to be the matador. Soon, when Bennie finally found a lead; he travels all the way to Russia to find Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville) who seems to have the evidence to prove that Victor Wong is the matador. Now Benny and Connor must force to form an unlikely alliance and settle their differences in order to take the matador down. 

If you love Jackie Chan, I am sure that you will love this flick. It is still the same-old successful formula like his former buddy team-up film with Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. Now, he found a new partner in Johnny Knoxville who seems to enjoy every single moment while filming. They both share an awesome onscreen chemistry that makes them entertaining to watch. 

Jackie Chan looked like he has found the fountain of youth. He managed to provide those martial arts antics that made him so popular. He still delivered those wacky stunts and neatly choreographed fight scenes that only he can skillfully execute. Johnny Knoxville brings in the additional comedy into the picture. He also picks up the slack and shows that he can keep up with Jackie in the stunts department. 

As for the story, it may have a lot of plot holes and questionable twists at the end. However, it is still fun to see our two protagonist travel into beautiful outskirts of different countries. There are a lot of scenes, which are beautifully shot; that brings more flavor into the mix but also has some disposable explosive scenes that really looked flat. 

Overall, Skiptrace runs away to be another colorful addition to Jackie Chan's impressive movie resume. The film is a lively reminder that he still has a lot of gas in his tank and proves that age doesn't come into play in his films. Entertaining and dazzling at times, the team-up of Chan and Knoxville deserves to be enjoyed inside the cinema. 

Lakwatseera Lovers rates it 8.5 out of 10 stars 

Cast: Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, Bingbing Fan

Directed by: Renny Harlin
Distributed by: Viva International Pictures
Now Showing in cinemas


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