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Friday, August 12, 2016

Don't Breathe: Movie Review

By: Matt Suzara

Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette) and Money (Daniel Zovatto) are small-time thieves who rob houses for a living. When Money gets a tip about a blind veteran (Stephen Lang) who won a huge amount of cash settlement from the death of his only child. They thought that he was an easy target but when they arrive at the house; the blind man isn't going down without a fight. Soon, they find themselves trapped inside in unfamiliar territory and must find a way to escape in order to survive.

At first, you'll think that the trailer already gave up a lot of exciting bits of the entire film. Well, it's just a small tiny piece of the 90-minute roller-coaster ride you're going to experience while watching it. Don't Breathe tries to experiment in bringing in a new dimension to the horror genre. This time there are no malevolent spirits involved and only a blind man will make you gasp for air and hold on onto your seat for the entire run time. 

We had a lot of decent horror films released this year and Don't Breathe is one of those films that will definitely make your money's worth. It simply provided the chills and creeps you look forward to feel while watching a horror film inside the cinema. Director Fede Alvarez didn't waste anytime introducing us to our characters and quickly put us feast on the main dish. He keeps the brisk pace going and hype up the claustrophobic terror into new heights. The film also never runs out of surprises and even expands a small setting into a maze-like structure. I also loved the fact that the characters tries hard to save themselves rather than doing pretty dumb decisions that would lead into their stupid deaths. 

Stephen Lang gave out a tremendous performance. As the mysteries are being revealed one by one, the blind man begins to evolve into a monstrous human being. You'll instantly switch sides after his sinister act, and Lang simply made a twisted portrayal of a man who do anything just to settle the score. Jane Levy and Dylan Minnette both made a statement that they are a strong presence on the screen. They are the characters you would love to root for. 

Overall, Don't Breathe is a top notch gripping thriller that managed to deliver an exhilarating example of a film to remember. It is really hard to spot a horror film like so don't you dare to miss it. 

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 10 out of 10 stars

Cast: Jane Levy, Stephen Lang, Dylan Minnette

Directed by: Fede Alvarez
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures PH
Opens August 31 in cinemas nationwide
Sneak Previews on August 22 and 23 in selected cinemas


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