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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Imagine You & Me: Movie Review

By: Matt Suzara 

Many people said that Aldub were already losing the steam it had that launched them to stardom. Now that they are entering their one-year mark since their first spark on Eat Bulaga, the two headline for their newest film in Imagine You and Me. The popular love team proved that they are loved and admired by many as a jam-packed crowd gathered to see the stars walk down onto the red carpet at the film's premiere last night at SM Megamall. The cinema was a full house, and even we entered the theater early, we couldn't find a vacant seat and just enjoyed the whole film standing.

Gara (Maine Mendoza) supports her family by getting a job abroad. She is also waiting for the first right guy, who can finally win her heart. Andrew (Alden Richards) is still coping up from the failed wedding proposal he experienced from his girlfriend. The two first met but didn't end well but destiny plays and keeps them from seeing each other. Soon, as the two enjoy each others company, Andrew learns to finally move on from his past as Gara starts to assemble the pieces of his broken heart.

If you are already a fan of this phenomenal love team; this film will solidify everything and will definitely give you a huge smile on your face when you leave the cinema. It is a treat for everyone who followed and supported them right from the very beginning. The story is a bit predictable and simple but we are sure that everyone will easily appreciate it because of the outstanding layout and pace of the entire thing. The location is such a beauty and provides each scene with astonishing landmarks. We've also like the way they've changed the style as they didn't threw in a lot of product endorsements in the film.

Alden and Maine is a unique team-up because they look natural on the screen. You'll know that their feelings are mutual as you can really feel the chemistry overflowing even with a simple eye contact between them. It's a very different Alden Richards we've got here at the start of the film. We admire the fact that he could concentrate on being serious with his role even when Maine is trying to get into him to make him laugh. Maine Mendoza has vastly improved a lot especially in delivering those emotional lines. They also have a nice set of supporting cast with Irma Adlawan and two comedic talents with Cacai Bautista and Cai Cortez providing the humor.

Overall, Imagine You and Me is a beautifully made film that will definitely reach the hearts of everyone. Even though a year had already passed this team-up still proves that they still have a lot more to offer to its legion of fans. This movie is a must-watch as it has a lot of cheesy moments and romantic surprises that will surely melt your hearts out.

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 9.5 out of 10 stars

Cast: Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza,

Directed by: Michael Tuviera

Distributed by: GMA Films

Now Showing in cinemas nationwide


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