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Monday, October 26, 2015

Experience the Beauty of Korea With Bareumi Tours

Last week was one of the best vacation of my life. I am one of the travel agents who experienced the beauty of South Korea sponsored by Bareumi Tours. They invited us to participate a 4D/3N familiarization tour and witness some of the best places in Korea in their newest itinerary called 4D 3n "GUMI" National Industrial Complex & "DAEGU" The City of Korean Beauty. 

Our flight was scheduled to leave Manila at 2355 via Jeju Airlines and will arrive at Icheon airport at 0450 in the morning. We arrived safely and was warmly greeted by President of Bareumi Tours - Ms. Julia Lee, and our tour guide Ms. Chian.

Let's start our Day 01 itinerary ( Incheon Int'l Airport > Yang-Gu Country > Inje)  

From the Airport, you'll travel to Dutayeon Pond and Waterfall while enjoying a very delicious Kimbap home made by Ms. Julie. It's a long drive but with a beautiful scenery outside and a place without traffic you'll arrive quickly and right on schedule. 

Dutayeon Pond and Waterfall were simply majestic. The place was wonderful and perfect place for nature lovers. It is the best place to start your tour as the cold weather will greet and welcome you to Korea. 

Before going to our next destination; we had a stop at a local restaurant. It's a traditional Korean cuisine where we had a fantastic Pork Belly BBQ. We had a portable gas stove on our table, and we cooked our meat together with its side dishes. All in all, its a very satisfying lunch.

Our next stop will be at the Eulji Observatory and 4th tunnel. The place is located near the Military Demarcation Line where you'll see the exotic mountains of North Korea. I only had one picture because cameras our not allowed inside the premises. 

DMZ tour to the 4th tunnel is not advisable for claustrophobic people. First, you'll have to walk long cold tunnel and when you reach the end of it; you'll  ride a mini train to enter a much smaller tunnel buried at a depth of 145 meters below ground and measures two meters high and two meters wide.

After visiting these lovely places it's time to check in to Inje Speedium Hotel & Condominium (One of Korea's Largest Auto Theme Park). My room was fantastic as the view was awesome where you'll have a perfect scenery of the whole race track. 

Day one was tiring but at the same time it was fun and adventurous. I love the places we visited it was already a blast for day one.
Day 02 ( Inje > Yeongdong > Gumi) 

After our breakfast inside the hotel,we checked out and went on to face another exciting day.  The first stop in day two would be in "Chateau Mani Winery" (one of the largest winery in Korea) where we enjoyed a 20 minutes "Wine Foot Spa" 
"Chateau Mani Winery" 

 Wine tubs

Wine Foot Spa :) 

After our foot spa, we went on to have our lunch on their wine cafe where we are served with a delicious Smoked Duck BBQ meal. We are also served with wine and many side dishes with kimchi. I never tried to eat a duck and I never though that this is delicious, This is one of the best lunch I had in years.

Smoked Duck BBQ feast

After our lunch, we went to visit the Korean Folk Music Experience Center. We learned how to play a Korean drum, and it brings so much fun.You can learn and try different musical instruments in the area but due to limited time, we only tried one.

Me and Ms. Julia

From Yeongdong, we traveled by bus to the city of Gumi, and our first stop was a tour to the Samsung mobile factory museum. We had a tour inside and learned the history of Samsung. They had a wall with all the phones they made through the years, and we learned some of their future technology that they are still enhancing. Sadly, taking pictures is not allowed inside. 

   Samsung Mobile Factory

Our next destination brings us to the birth place of President Park Chung Hee. It is a special place here in Gumi because President Park Chung Hee had a lot of great achievements on his term. We also had a chance to watch his legacy inside a hyper dome and take a lot of pictures inside the premises. 

Pabebe wave inside inside the President's National Restoration Hall

We head on to our hotel to cap off the day but during our dinner. We were all welcomed by the Vice Mayor of Gumi. They had a short presentation about the city and there are a lot of places to visit. We also had our Jjimdak dinner a yummy chicken meal that ended our day on a high note. 

Day 02 is incredible. The food was awesome, the wine spa, learning the Korean instrument and visiting the birth place of the President was pretty outstanding and fun day.

(Day 03 Gumi > Daegu)

After having our breakfast in the hotel we had a 10-minute walk, so we can ride a cable car up to Mt. Geumo to visit the Haewoon-sa Temple. Ms. Julie told us that during the Spring season, the mountains are going to be filled with cherry blossoms. We don't need to travel all the way to Japan during spring time as we can experience the same thing in Korea.

After our trip to the Haewoon-sa Temple at Mt. Geumo, our next destination will be at the Nongshim Ramyun Factory. It was the largest Ramen Factory in Korea where you'll see how the noodles are prepared from start to packing. Pictures are also not allowed inside, but you can take some on the reception area.   

Before lunch time, we had a stop at the Dongseongro shopping street where we had our one-hour shopping time. There are a lot of stores from cosmetics, boutiques and food stalls where you can buy some items as your pasalubong. After our shopping spree, we went on to take our lunch at Bareumi Sushi Buffet. 

 Bareumi Sushi Buffet

The place was fantastic, and the unlimited sushi will make your stomach fight for space to taste all the food on their bar. The fruits, and the desserts will also fulfill your cravings for sweets. It was just perfectly awesome. 

After our satisfying lunch, we head on to visit Oriental Medicine Museum. With our tour guide in Daegu, we went inside the museum to experience one of the programs of Oriental Medicine. We had a 20-minute foot bath experience and also know more about the history of people living in Yakjeon Ally. We discovered the 400-year-old history of Yangnyeongsi and Yakjeon Ally all in one place. 

Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Museum

Foot Bath Experience 

We head on to our walking tour in Daegu and we visited a Catholic church. After we reached the bus, all of us were given a coupon worth 5,000.00 won which we can spend around Seomun Market. We had another hour to shop and tour the place before we head on to Daegu 83 Tower. 

Free Coupon 

We reached 83 Tower at night, and we toured around the whole place. It was simply majestic, especially when you already reach the top and have a view of the city. They also have a lot of attractions inside like the huge trick art museum and a lot of restaurants to dine in. 

Trick Art Museum

View from the Top

 The Tower!

After taking some more pictures, You'll have to ride a cable car to reach a great spot to take some pictures with the glimpse of the tower.

cable cars

Group Picture

Next stop will be our dinner, where we had a hefty steak plus wine. The serving is big, and it was a flavorful treat for our last night in Korea. We also had ChiMc and beer after our dinner while we were welcomed by some executives from Daegu City. They gave us some souvenirs and even did a song number for us. After that we head on to our hotel to take a goodnight sleep after our busy itinerary. 

Steak for Dinner

Day 03 was my favorite. We visited a lot of places and ate a lot of mouth-watering foods. It was tiring, but it was extremely  worth-it . 

(Day 04 Daegu> Seoul > Incheon Int'l Airport )

We all need to wake up early to pack our things, as our bus will need to leave earlier with our things. We had our breakfast first and then we head on to the KTX (Bullet Train) Station. It is a 1hr and 45-minute ride from Daegu to Seoul but no problem as we all have our comfy seats. The train also has a public wi-fi so you can surf or sleep while traveling inside the train. 

Seoul Station

When we reached Seoul, we once again rode our bus all the way to the duty-free shop where we had our shopping time. We also had a chance to meet the other staffs from Bareumi Tours. After our shopping time, we head on to Bareumi Shabu Buffet for lunch. It was my first time to try a Shabu Shabu restaurant, and it was fantastic. The food was delicious, and it was fun cooking the beef and vegetables in front of you. 

After our lunch, we had another shopping time around the area before we leave and head on to another souvenir shop before we head to the airport. 

Day 04 is more on shopping time and tourists loves to have more free time to shop. 

Overall, it is a one-of-a-kind experience at South Korea. The places we visited are all special and the foods were simply irresistible. I would like to thank Bareumi Tours, Ms. Julia Lee, Ms. Chian, Sir Tommy, and Sir Sean for making our trip wonderful. 

They didn't make us feel that we're tourists but they made us feel that we're their family during our stay. 

We can now sell this package to other groups who also want to have fun in Korea like we all did. You can email us at for more details or call us up at 687-3232 / 687- 8989. 


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