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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NINJA PARTY (Director’s Cut) Opens in Selected Cinemas Starting September 30

Jim Libirian Sinag Maynila entry Ninja Party will grace into selected cinemas starting today (September 30) and at the UP Film Center on October 5,6,13,14,21, 2015. Check out the R-18 version Red band trailer below: 

The version of NINJA PARTY shown during the Sinag Maynila Film Festival (SMFF) back in March 2015 was the Philippine version rated R-16 by the FDCP. Ninja Party won the SMFF People’s Choice i.e. it had the most number of tickets sold at that time. Now that the festival is over, viewers can now see the International version of Ninja Party that we’d like to call the Director’s Cut, rated R-18 by the FDCP---strictly For Adults Only. This film version has NEVER BEEN SCREENED in any cinema, except by the FDCP for film rating purposes.

The film stars Odette Khan, Annicka Dolonius, Julz Savard, Bea Galvez, Elora Españo, Teresa Loyzaga, Denise Marasigan, Japo Parceo and Mariz Reyes. 

Top female students of an elite Catholic high school discover their identities and sexualities amidst clashing values. Conflicts between themselves, their families, and their school force them to grow up and grow in friendship. They face slut­shaming when a rumor spreads about their participation in a secret orgy.



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Where can I buy a copy?

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