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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Plastic: Movie Review

By: Lakwastera Lovers

The story follows a group of university students led by Sam (Ed Speleers) to be credit card scammers. It is an easy money for them, but they accidentally rob a notorious gangster named Marcel (Thomas Kretschmann). He wants to the group to settle 2 million pounds in two weeks to pay off their debts. With a little time behind their side, Sam takes a shot in Miami and plans to take an expensive set of jewelry in the heist of their lifetime.

With the film carrying a load of negative reviews and comments on its title, we didn't expect that the British film Plastic would be an entertaining heist flick. It is compelling and eye catching with clever tricks behind its sleeves; the movie will definitely get your attention right from the start of the opening minutes. The actual heist is pretty sharp if you just go with the flow. There are just some few issues behind the story, especially with the decisions of the major characters and the villain who kept on coming to Sam instead of Yatesey, who screwed him up in the first place. 

Overall Plastic is silly but enjoyable enough for us as we walked outside the theater satisfied with the entire thing. There are just some questionable acts and decisions along the way that didn't quite help the plot. But if you just want to see a slick heist film - Plastic won't let you down.

And Yes, Emma Rigby guys? 

Lakwatsera Lovers Rates it 8 out of 10 stars 

Cast: Ed Speelers, Will Poulter, Emma Rigby

Directed by: Julian Gilbey
Distributed by: Solar Pictures PH
Now Showing in cinemas nationwide 


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