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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Attack on Titan (2015): Movie Review

For the first time we are going to have two reviews in one film. A friend of mine is a big fan of this series and  was able to watch with me in the said screening.

You'll have a review coming from a fan and a newbie to this franchise.

Attack on Titan Movie Review 
by: Stephen Delos Reyes 

Tonde…Tonde (Fly!)” “What do you call the things locked in cages that are waiting for wolves to devour them? Are you one of them”

You can only gain by letting go.”

Pretty much a loose translation...but those were the words from Shikishima that inspired some ray of hope and a stirring of a wavering heart to Eren Yeager, the main protagonist of the Live Action adaptation of the manga/anime-based movie, “Attack on Titans (”進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin).

Well, if you know the franchise, the movie is based on a post apocalyptic dystopian world where basically Titans (imagine giant humanoid creatures roaming around the world devouring humans as its main food without remorse or reason) exist. Good thing that there are walls that set as boundaries between these Titans and the human population.

Plot starts when the young protagonists are yearning for some “Freedom.” They had experienced peace for many years. They are wondering if these Titans really exist, pondering what lied beyond the walls, etc. The movie is basically a coming-of-age film for these innocent youngsters dealing with a world with concerns that may be a little too much to handle granting their youthful stage in life.

Action starts when a Titan is finally able to manage to smashes clean through the outermost wall, forcing mankind to abandon the farmlands evacuating the remaining population into the inner districts. The sudden influx of population causes turmoil and famine. It is now basically Humans versus the Titans, with humans yearning to reclaim the farmlands; Humans versus Humans, with each character facing different issues within and among themselves; and Titan versus Titans (Oops…Spoiler Alert!!!)

The Live Action Adaptation clearly shows some deviance from its original material with the addition of characters and some added or may be deleted plots from the manga/anime. But nevertheless, if one is looking for a dark horror/fantasy movie that is different, well, this is the perfect movie that would satiate your taste-buds with its new offering.

Well, to the Anime/Manga fans, expect that the phasing of the movie would be very fast. And that the movie had some creative liberal aspects from the original material. Just don’t expect that the movie would be faithful from the original source. But do not fret, who does not want their favorite anime turning to live flesh and blood, right!?

I am just yearning to see the sequel for conclusion of the events in this movie!!

Ja ne!!!

Verdict 6.5 / 10 


Attack on Titan Movie Review 
by: Lakwatsera Lovers 

Last Tuesday, was the special advance screening of  Attack on Titan at SM Megamall. It is one of the most successful manga and anime franchise, so we were not surprised to see a jam-packed theater with fans roaring in excitement. To be honest, we really don't have an idea what to expect in the movie. We've only seen the trailer and read the synopsis before watching so that is our background for the entire film unlike the faithful fans who screamed their hearts out every time they see a new character on the screen.

The remaining human inhabitants are living peacefully beyond towering walls that are built 100 years ago to protect their land from gigantic titans who love to have humans in their meals. Three teenagers Eren (Haruma Miura), Mikasa (Kiko Mizuhara) and Armin (Kanata Hongo) wonder if the myth is true as they try to explore the wall and look for a way to get out. However, a titan bigger than their wall pounds and creates a hole for other titans to get in. This creates chaos as the titans almost swept out the population and Eren fails to save Mikasa. Two years have passed, and humanity aims to end the reign of the titans but doing it isn't easy as the odds in accomplishing the mission isn't in their favor. 

The film was on cue right from the start and rides on a fast-paced storyline. Well, the titan designs were a bit off and laughable at times but quite impressive in the long run. The battle scenes between the titans and humans were decent and thrilling, but some of the scenes were just messy. The characters are likable enough to sustain energy the film needed throughout.

Overall, Attack on Titan is an enjoyable live-action adaptation. We got hooked on the entire film even if its just our first time to be introduced in this series. We are also excited on what will be going to happen next as the conclusion will be revealed next month on its second and final chapter.

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 8 out of 10 stars

Cast: Haruma Miura, Kiko Mizuhara, Kanata Hongo

Directed by: Shinji Higuchi
Distributed by: Pioneer Films
Now Showing in cinemas nationwide 


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