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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vince Vaughn Stars in Adult Raucous Comedy “UNFINISHED BUSINESS”

Vince Vaughn stars alongside Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson and Sienna Miller in a comedy that brings back his eccentric brand of humor in “Unfinished Business.”

In “Unfinished Business,” Vaughn plays a businessman and has just landed a big deal that will haul in the riches he had since been aiming for.  But it’s not without a challenge as his ex-boss is up for a very tough competition. 

With a very promising edgy, adult humor to boot, “Unfinished Business” deals on a business trip gone wrong composed of the most unlikely group of business associates ever assembled that have unplanned stops in a massive sex fetish event and in a global economic summit that will have the audience root for these underdogs.

Unfinished Business” will open very soon this March 5 from 20thCentury Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.


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