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Friday, January 9, 2015

Tragic Theater: Movie Review

By: Lakwatsera Lovers

The movie is based on G.M Coronel's novel about a group who tries to exorcise the haunted Film Center in 1999. When the trailer of the film came out, the MTRCB immediately gave it a double X-rating for being too scary.  It also drew some positive feedback through social media, especially for the fans who are aching to see a decent horror picture. We are also one of those people who actually saw a glimmer of hope to the interesting premise of Tragic Theater but sadly all of it boils down after watching it's premiere night last Wednesday.

Annie (Andi Eigenmann) is working on a project in rehabilitating the Film Center. However, the place is still haunted by hundred of souls who are buried  alive underneath the structure. With the help of spirit communicators led by Father Nilo (John Estrada), they all try to request the spirits to leave the place, so they can finally rest their souls peacefully.

The film is really disturbing since it is inspired on true events. It is hard to imagine that a lot workers died in a fatal accident just to build that theater. However, the film failed to capitalize on its dark premise to make the it creepy and scary. It mostly relies on goofy visuals that sometimes don't really make sense. The sound effects was a mess and the flashbacks just plainly aiming to make the film boring. The dialogues of the exorcism also isn't believable enough and repetitive at times. 

Overall Tragic Theater is far beyond to be a great horror film. It is quite disappointing and tedious at the same time. We have expected too much out of it, and the outcome is pretty much not the one we have in mind.

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 2 out of 10 stars  

Cast: Andi Eigenman, John Estrada, Christopher de Leon

Directed by: Tikoy Aguiluz
Distributed by: Viva Films
Now Showing in cinemas nationwide


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