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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kubot The Aswang Chronicles 2: Movie Review

By: Lakwatsera Lovers 

Another awesome entry in this MMFF season is Erik Matti's sequel to Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles. The first film was a feature of outstanding visual effects plus a great set of action pieces and a mix of comedy. Now, Kubot continues the same level of intensity where it left off and brings another dimension to an already entertaining first part. 

The film begins exactly where the first part left off  with Makoy (Dingdong Dantes) failing to save her soon to be wife from the hands of Veron (Elizabeth Oropesa) where he also lost his child and his hand in the process. Two years later, Makoy is now living simple life in Manila with his sister (Lotlot de Leon) and Nestor (Joey Marquez.) However, when one of the "aswang" leader (KC Montero) starts a diabolical plan, Makoy is forced once again to take charge and fight one more time. 

The sequel continues to impress where Director Erik Matti used the same formula in making the first film a success. It is also filled with awesome choreographed slow-motion fight scenes mixing it with humor and interesting dialogues along the way. The entertainment level sustained the energy right from the very beginning and closed out with a riveting finish that will lead this into a fantastic trilogy. 

The cast brings a lot of appeal to the movie. Dingdong Dantes still look cool as Makoy now relying more with his robotic arm as a weapon of choice. Lotlot de Leon and Joey Marquez proved why they bagged the Best Supporting trophies with an outstanding wacky performance. Ramon Bautista returns but with a different role together with Bogart the Explorer to add more fun in the movie. 

Overall, Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 proves that there are still hope in Metro Manila Film Festival. We are all treated the same way the first film delivered it with style and freshness on the big screen. We are hoping that the last will come out sooner this year as we are excited to see the finale of this entertaining franchise.

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 10 out of 10 stars

Cast: Dingdong Dantes, Isabelle Daza, Joey Marquez, Lotlot de Leon

Directed by: Erik Matti
Distributed by: GMA Films and Agosto Dos Pictures
Now Showing in cinemas nationwide 


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