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Monday, January 5, 2015

English Only Please: Movie Review

By: Lakwatsera Lovers

The 2nd film we watched on this year's MMFF line-up is English Only Please. We are curious why it bagged most of the awards, including Best Actor for Derek Ramsey, Best Actress for Jennelyn Mercado and 2nd Best Picture. It also got a lot of positive reviews and feedback on social media.

The movie starts with Julian (Derek Ramsay) interviewing different applicants through the Internet. He wants a tutor to translate his letter to his ex-girlfriend from English to Tagalog. At the end of the day, he chooses Tere (Jennylyn Mercado) who eventually soon not only tries to help him to learn Tagalog but also to heal his broken heart.

The film is pretty simple yet; it takes time to establish a solid story revolving with two interesting characters. A rom-com that actually works, which separates itself from the usual thing and knows how to sustain the momentum towards the end. There are also a lot of entertaining moments that can easily make you laugh and a lot of chunky dialogs delivered neatly throughout the film. 

As for the cast, Jennylyn Mercado came up strong, and she knows how to deliver with style. She keeps her charismatic energy at full force where she can easily captivate her audience. We also got a fresher take to Derek Ramsay, who really played well. He usually stars in infidelity themed films, and it's nice to see him move out of his comfort zone. The supporting cast adds more fun and color with Cai Cortez leading the charge as she never fails to make us laugh and continue to impress in every film she appears. 

Overall, English Only Please is one of the worthy picture for you to spend your hard-earned money this MMFF season.  Jennylyn Mercado for the win! 

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 10 out of 10 stars

Cast: Derek Ramsay, Jennelyn Mercado

Directed by: Dan Villegas
Distributed by: Quantum Films
Now Showing in cinemas nationwide    


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