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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Enteng ng Ina Mo: Movie Review

Enteng ng Ina Mo
By: Lakwatsera Lovers

Our MMFF experience would not be complete if we don't watch the entry of Bossing Vic Sotto. He is one of our favorite comedy actor and has been the main man every year in the festival. Today was the last day of the year and to end it up we watched Enteng ng Ina Mo.
This is a spectacular movie since two of the biggest rivals in MMFF joined forces in one single movie. A lot of people don't appreciate MMFF anymore as many says that entries are always recycled every year. For us MMFF is a weekend for families and kids who enjoy spending their time watching this kind of movies. The producers and the stars only think about on how they can make people happy. We salute everyone in making this kind of movies. 

Ina Montecillo (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) is in state of depression because her children are set to leave her for adulthood. Meanwhile in the life of Enteng Kabisote, Ina Magenta (Amy Perez) was abducted by his bitter rival Satana (Bing Loyzaga). Faye (Gwen Zamora) needs to be in Engkantasya to replace Magenta in the throne leaving a depressed Enteng behind. With Satana's magic he made Enteng fall for Ina and that's how they finally met. Together with each other on their side they battle the evil forces of Satana.

Vic Sotto always have that one of a kind humor that never fails to make us laugh. Together with his best side kicks Jose and Wally they add a lot of things to spice up the comedy factor. While Ai-Ai Delas Alas gave the cuteness whenever she is with a scene with Bossing. Still she proves to be the undisputed comedy queen. Even though the siblings of Ina are not complete they still made a perfect casting. And as always the scene stealer is Eugene Domingo which gave a huge laugh in some of her part as the best friend of Ai-Ai. Their team-up together with the whole cast had a cheerful chemistry which is really fun to watch. The only lows we saw was the cuts was not that clean and the sounds was not edited clearly. But overall after three movies we watched in the film fest Enteng ng Ina Mo clearly was our top favorite.

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 8 out of 10 stars

Directed by: Tony Reyes
Distributed by: Star Cinema, M-Zet productions and OctoArts Films
Now on it's 2nd Week
Offical Entry in the 37th MMFF

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coming Soon: Expendables 2 (Movie Poster and Trailer)

Expendables 2 (Movie Poster and Trailer)
By: Lakwatsera Lovers

Here are the newest movie posters for the upcoming film of Expendables 2. Set to release August next year the star studded cast features Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren. Also included in the top billed cast are Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Expect an adrenaline rushing, jaw dropping action and thriller venture from beginning to end.

Also add a much young Liam Hemsworth who will play as Sniper Billy the Kid together with Yu Nan as Maggie. 

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Upcoming Movies from Pioneer Films

Upcoming Movies from Pioneer Films
By: Lakwatsera Lovers

Finally one our favorite movie distributors has an official Facebook page. Pioneer films also known as Movie Punch in facebook. (please like them for more movie updates) They are the company that released some of the great films this year (Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1, Immortals, Conan the Barbarian, Shark Night, Scream 4 and our personal favorite Source Code). And here are some of the movies you can expect from them next year. 

Starring: Amanda Seyfried
Synopsis: In the new suspense thriller GONE, Jill Parrish (Amanda Seyfried) comes home from a night shift to discover her sister Molly has been abducted.  Jill, who had escaped from a kidnapper a year before, is convinced that the same serial killer has come back for her sister.  Afraid that Molly will be dead by sundown, Jill embarks on a heart-pounding chase to find the killer, expose his secrets and save her sister.

What to expect when you're Expecting
Starring: Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock
Synopsis: A look at the lives of five couples as they prepare to become parents.

The Hunger Games
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth
Synopsis: Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister's place for the latest match. 

Mirror Mirror
Starring: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Sean Bean
Synopsis: An evil queen steals control of the kingdom while seven dwarfs help an exiled princess win back her kingdom.

The Cold Light of Day
Starring: Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis 
Synopsis: A young American uncovers a conspiracy during his attempt to save his family, who were kidnapped while on vacation in Spain

The Woman in Black
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Sophie Stuckey
Synopsis: a young lawyer who voyages to an isolated English village in order to settle a recently deceased woman's estate. There, he encounters a vengeful and disdainful ghost who has been menacing the locals. From the looks of it, dealing with this haunting will not be an easy task.

One for the Money
Starring: Katherine Heigl, Jason O'mara
Synopsis: Stephanie Plum’s got plenty of attitude, even if she’s been out of work for the last six months and just lost her car to a debt collector. Desperate for some fast cash, Stephanie turns to her last resort: convincing her sleazy cousin to give her a job at his bail bonding company where her first assignment puts her on the trail of a wanted local cop from her romantic past.

Man on a Ledge
Starring: Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell
Synopsis: As a police psychologist works to talk down an ex-con who is threatening to jump from a Manhattan hotel rooftop, the biggest diamond heist ever committed is in motion

Starring: Gina Carano, Antonio Banderas, Channing Tatum
Synopsis: Mallory Kane is a highly trained operative who works for a government security contractor in the dirtiest, most dangerous corners of the world. After successfully freeing a Chinese journalist held hostage, she is double crossed and left for dead by someone close to her in her own agency. Suddenly the target of skilled assassins who know her every move, Mallory must find the truth in order to stay alive.

Breaking Wind
Starring: Heather Ann Davis, Danny Trejo, Eric Callero
Synopsis: Parody of the hit movie Breaking Dawn


Starring: Gerard Butler, Ralph Fiennes
Synopsis: The citizens of Rome are hungry. Coriolanus, the hero of Rome, a great soldier and a man of inflexible self-belief despises the people. His extreme views ignite a mass riot. Rome is bloody. Manipulated and out-maneuvered by politicians and even his own mother Volumnia, Coriolanus is banished from Rome. He offers his life or his services to his sworn enemy Tullus Aufidius. Coriolanus and Aufidius march on Rome intending to destroy the city. Volumnia appeals to her son. He tries to reject her but eventually breaks. Aufidius, feeling bitterly betrayed, brutally murders Coriolanus.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 10: Best Movies from July to December 2011 (10-1)

Top 10: Best Movies from July to December 2011 (10-1) 
By: Lakwatsera Lovers

Lets continue our countdown of the best movies from July to December this year.

10. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

One of the most anticipated movie this year Breaking Dawn leave a lot of fanatics hanging and wait for another year to see the ending of this saga. The rivalry between Edward and Jacob finally ended as the wolf finally gets his imprint and Bella finally became a cold blooded vampire.  We think that the end of this series will smash some records next year. 

Gross: PHP 255,581,312 (Philippines) (11 December 2011)

9. Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington
No doubt that indie films is getting a lot of praise this year. We witnessed a lot of indie films and one should enter our list. We loved Zombadings 1 as it gave us a ton of laughter when we were watching this movie. Kudos to all indie producers and directors and we hope for more quality movies next year. 

Gross: PHP 32,286,199 (Philippines) (25 September 2011)

8. Captain America: The First Avenger
Our favorite Avenger finally toppled the screen last July. Arguably the best super hero movie this year (sorry about Thor and Green Lantern fans). Chris Evans in that awesome suite with shield definitely made Captain America more charismatic. No wonder many of movie geeks is waiting for the Avengers next year as it would be the biggest superhero movie ever.   

 Gross: PHP 88,443,978 (Philippines) (31 July 2011)

7. Paranormal Activity 3

It's a battle between Insidious and Paranormal Activity 3 for the scariest flick this year. As we think that the part 3 was clearly the best in this installment. Toby gave a lot of creeps and please do not try to say Bloody Mary 3x in front of a mirror. 

Gross: PHP 15,711,502 (Philippines) (30 October 2011)

6.Crazy Stupid Love
The crazy tale of this film was really fun to watch. With Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell leading the charge the story was obviously perfect. With characters who is easy to love you'll simply enjoy this movie nine times out of ten.

Gross: PHP 28,852,060 (Philippines) (25 September 2011)

5. Friends with Benefits
For us this is the best rom-com movie this year. The chemistry between Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake extremely made us enjoy the film. Hope to see them once again in another rom-com movie.

Gross: PHP 11,523,224 (Philippines) (9 October 2011)

4. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol 

Truly sticks with it's title Tom Cruise really reached out and doubled the stunts making the impossible mission into possible. With breath taking scenes from the Burj Khalifa up to the chase in India, it is safe to say that this is the best action movie this year.

Gross: PHP 61,327,988 (Philippines) (18 December 2011)

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
The epic series of this wizard finally ended in an unforgettable clash between good and evil. A lot will surely miss this series but for us the saga will continue as we would treasure this movie forever. 

Gross: $381,000,185 (USA) (20 November 2011)

2. The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin was the best animated film so far with an excellent use of CGI effects to make the characters look real and amazing concept for the storyline, no wonder we put it number 2 on our list.

PHP 17,858,481 (Philippines) (18 December 2011)

1. Real Steel
Finally we reached our number one movie. Real steel was our favorite with cool robots boxing and awesome Jaw dropping battles scenes it simply impressed us in many ways. With perfect casting and directing you couldn't ask for more.  

Gross: PHP 108,400,688 (Philippines) (20 November 2011)

Another awesome line up next year. Hope that we could still have some time to make reviews and watch those exciting films... 
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 10: Best Movies from July to December 2011 (20-11)

Top 10: Best Movies from July to December 2011 (20-11) 
By: Lakwatsera Lovers

A lot of movies was released this year and now it is time to cap off our top 20 films for July to December release. This list is just based on our own opinion and based on the movies we watched on the past six months. We will post the top 10 films tomorrow.

20. The Three Musketeers

Probably one of the most overused title in film history as it has a lot of versions from the past years. We liked this version as it caps a freshly new breed of musketeers with a lot of action scenes and humorous gags. Also a plus taking a risk by releasing the film in 3D.

Gross: PHP 17,544,556 (Philippines) (30 October 2011)

19. What's your Number

The chemistry between Anna Faris and Chris Evans simply gave them a spot on our list. Nothing so special with this movie but the story was simply charismatic.

Gross: PHP 10,811,241 (Philippines) (23 October 2011)

18. Fright Night 

Fright Night is a great remake making an outstanding vampire movie. The vampire next door having his own killer spree into a neighborhood will surely give a little intensity to your seats. Exceptionally this is the best movie of Colin Farrell up to date. 

PHP 13,856,198 (Philippines) (25 September 2011)

17. Johnny English Reborn  

Eventually we love Mr. Bean and Rowan Atkinson's slapstick comedy. Even many hated him Johnny English Reborn gave us a few good laughs that's why he made into our list. 

Gross: PHP 95,965,228 (Philippines) (30 October 2011)

16. New Years Eve

A star studded cast all about New Year is not bad at all. With different short skits from different cast we really enjoyed it. Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeffier gave the perfect connection among the other leads.

Gross: $24,716,167 (USA) as of (18 December 2011)

15. Dolphin Tale

The inspiring true to life story of Winter the Dolphin made into the big screen. A very heartwarming film for the whole family. It touched our hearts and encourage us into a lot of things. 

Gross:  PHP 6,030,292 (Philippines) (9 October 2011)

14. No Other Woman

With hard hitting lines and many Filipino people that can relate into this film no wonder No Other Woman smashed the Phillipine  Box Office. The rivalry of Anne Curtis  and Cristine Reyes seems so real and they made this a one of kind movie. Unlucky for them Praybeyt Benjamin overshadowed their total gross. 

 Gross: PHP 278,418,883 (Philippines) (6 November 2011)

13.  Rise of Planet of the Apes

The CGI effects made in this film was exceptional. Witnessing a lot of monkeys which is computer generated seems so real. It also has a good storyline with a very nice concept. 

PHP 78,705,776 (Philippines) (28 August 2011)
12. Puss in Boots

Our favorite character in the Shrek series taking finally took a big break to star in his own film. The story is a mess but the charm and the cuteness of this little fur ball gave him a high spot in our list.

Gross:   $142,775,402 (USA) as of (18 December 2011)

11. Horrible Bosses

The humor completely blew us away Horrible Bosses definitely a fun filled R-13 comedy movie. Who would think the idea of killing your boss would be fun. 

Gross: PHP 9,577,117 (Philippines) (2 October 2011)

That caps off our first half of the best movies from July through December. We would release the Top 10 movies tomorrow. Happy Holidays Guys :)
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DVD Review: The Human Centipede II ( Full Sequence)

Human Centipede II: Full Sequence
By: Lakwatsera Lovers

After a sick first part by Tom Six he made the newest version of his cold blooded full sequence. 

Martin Lomax (Laurence R. Harvey) is a pathetic, asthmatic mentally ill psycho that is obsessed with the movie The Human Centipede: The First Sequence. After her mother destroyed her scrapbook he crushed her skull and decided to make a full sequence of the film. He abduct his victims in a parking lot where he work as a security guard and brings them into an abandoned warehouse. 

 This is the most sickest disgusting movie we watched. If you have a weak stomach don't even dare to watch this. The first sequence was disturbing  with a fresh concept for a psycho movie it was still acceptable. While in this movie the idea was just too much and brutal. Imagine even including a pregnant lady into this diabolical story was just not right. They even made the film black and white just to inflict more scare to its audiences. On the first part it was medically accurate and clean while in this part it was just plain brutality and inhuman. He even used staples, duct tapes and ordinary tools to create his experiment.

 If you think that the fun is over for Tom Six just wait for the Final Sequence as he is planning to release it in 2013.

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 3 out 10 stars

Directed By: Tom Six

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Panday 2: Movie Review

Panday 2
By: Lakwatsera Lovers

Last night was the red carpet premiere screening of Panday 2 at Sm Megamall. We checked some of the big stars graced into the red carpet. Lucky for us we stayed long as cinema 8 was opened to the public even if your not a ticket holder.

Flavio (Bong Reviila Jr.) returned to his town as they celebrate the death of his mortal arch enemy Lizardo (Phillip Salvador). As they thought the peace has been restored, Flavio is scheduled to marry Maria (Iza Calzado) but without knowing that an evil witch revived Lizardo once again. He abducted Maria and drained her to restore his evilness. Now Flavio once again hunts him down but in order to reach and end their rivalry he must face a lot of evil creatures along the way.

Panday is a legendary hero made by Carlo J Caparas. Already graced the big screen a lot of times even made as a series and also had Panday kids version. This is the second installment of the series and they made the special effects staggering as ever. No doubt they made a lot of changes to improve the movie and they spend  big bucks to complete this film. In our opinion the special effects and action scenes overshadowed the story. It was too shallow as they only concentrated in different creatures that would face Panday. For the fight scenes it was impressive though some of it was not that clean. It made a huge gamble and really paid off. The sand battle was brilliant, the costume and make ups was great. We love the rivalry between Flavio and Lizardo but in the end they made Lizardo a gigantic creature that looked like from the Clash of the Tiatans. We think that messed it up. They should have ended the duel in a sword fight in a much intense way.

For the cast we loved Phillip Salvador a lot as Lizardo is like the Joker in Batman. He is one perfect villain that gave a lot of memorable scenes. Benjie Paras leave a lot of good laughs specially to the younger audiences.  Bong Revilla Jr. still charismatic as ever once again proved that the legend of Panday still lives. Also a perfect combination of leading ladies with Iza Calzado and Marian Rivera. Overall good supporting powerhouse cast that will entangled your imaginations because some of them can change as dragons. And don't forget the cameo role of Lorna Tolentino in the end. We think she's the next villain for the next movie.

Overall the movie will attract a much younger audience. They would appreciate it much more with the visuals and fight scenes. Panday 2 is distributed by GMA Films and Imus Productions and will be shown on December 25 nationwide.

Lakwatsera Lovers Rates it 6 out of 10 stars

Directed by: Mac Alejandre
Distributed By: GMA Films and Imus Productions
Official Entry for the 37th MMFF

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shake Rattle and Roll 13: Movie Review

Shake Rattle and Roll 13
By: Lakwatsera Lovers

Last night was the red carpet premiere screening of Shake Rattle and Roll 13 at Sm Megamall Cinema 9. Unable to win invites we still decided to see the stars but a guy from Cinema One gave us tickets thanks to him were able to attend the screening.

The longest Filipino film franchise is back one more time to give creeps this Christmas day. And now three stories will open another chapter in this installment.

Casts:Zanjoe Marudo, Maricar Reyes, Bugoy Carino
Directed by: Richard Somes

A family transferred into an isolated town where the family man Allan (Zanjoe Marudo) tends with his blind wife (Maricar Reyes) and illegitimate son (Bugoy Carino). Soon they found out that there are extraordinary creatures lurking outside their house that is looking for something they claim that is stolen from them.

Tamawo is an Ilonggo term for evil creatures. The story in this episode is not scary but the make-up extremely caught are attention. The white cannibal-like creatures was well made and impressed us. The cast did their best specially Bugoy Drilon whom we think has a bright future in this industry. The Tamawo episode decently provided the spark to start the movie. We rate this 5 out of 10 stars.

Casts: Kathryn Bernardo, Louise delos Reyes, Sam Concepcion
Directed By: Jerrold Tarog

Best friends Lucy (Kathryn Beranardo) and Shayne (Louise Delos Reyes) enters inside a forbidden lighthouse. When they reached the top they saw two ghosts causing them to fall down. They survived without scratches and they discovered after the incident that the ghost from the lighthouse followed them. Soon they uncover that the place was haunted by two witches with an unfinished business. It starts to possess them so they can finish what they started.

No doubt that this is the best episode in this movie. It gave the creeps ind chills that were looking for. The make-up was really scary and realistic, we didn't recognize right away that the other ghost was Julia Clarete. The story was impressive and fresh thanks to the brilliant mind of Jerrold Tarog, he also made the best episode last year titled "Punenarya". For the casts Kathryn and Louise gave a nice job in acting kudos to both of them as we really enjoyed their episode. For this episode we rate it 8 out of 10 stars

Cast: Eugene Domingo, Jay Manalo, Edgar Allan Guzman
Directed by: Chris Martinez

Mar and Cynthia ( Jay Manalo and Eugene Domingo) celebrated their anniversary during the wrath of Ondoy. After the typhoon they closed down their factory and tries to sell it. After some time, unexplainable things started to happen as one by one each of her family members started to die due to drowning. The story unfolds into a much darker hidden secrets they've done in the past that is now haunting them. 

At first we thought that this episode will be funny because Eugene Domingo is the lead star. But she performed well in taking a serious role. The pacing was just slow as they intend to keep the twist latter towards the end part. The death scenes was not that impressive but the idea of the story was fresh yet unforgivable. This episode really relied to the concept of it's story. It was good but we felt that something's missing. We rate this 6 out of 10 stars.

Shake Rattle and Roll became a tradition to the Filipino audiences. This franchise gave the most horrendous creatures into Philippine cinema. 

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 6 out of 10 stars.

Distributed by: Regal Films 
Opens on December 25, 2011
Official Entry for the 37th MMFF

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