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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


By: Matt Suzara

What will you do if an alien hitched into your almost perfect road trip? Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings two comic-con book nerds who traveled to America to attend a comic-con convention found themselves meeting with an alien (Paul) who wants to get back on his spaceship so he can go home. Now they are both committed to help the space creature and live a very exciting adventure they will never forget.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

Our summer is almost over but with the help of Nuffnang and Hapee Toothpaste you will still feel the heat of the summer because they have just launched the "Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening" 



 Nuffnang is the best Asia-Pacific's first and leading blog advertising community always been a first class because most of the bloggers use it and brings color and life to my blog and helps amateur bloggers like me.


And as for Hapee Toothpaste it is First class because it is proudly Filipino made brand. It is recommended by the Philippine Dental Association so you are indeed sure about the quality of the product. So why wasting money to other toothpaste when Hapee gives you an affordable quality that suites for every "Juan" in the Philippines

This is a great tandem for them because Nuffnang and Hapee is indeed making us First Class. :)


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Friday, May 27, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2
By: Matt Suzara

Po and his gang are back for another adventure in the most awaited Kung Fu Panda 2. Now Po needs to save kung fu in the hands of Lord Shen the evil peacock who wants to conquer China. Po also needs to learn the art of inner peace and he also want to know about his past. The Dragon Warrior needs to unlock his hidden strength in order to succeed.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides
By: Matt Suzara

Hapadog store located at SM North Edsa Sky Garden

Thank you to Hapadog we are the first few lucky ones to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on Strangers Tides last night in IMAX SM North Edsa. I won 2 tickets on their Facebook page for this Red Carpet Screening. They provided free snacks for everyone before the movie started. Hapadog is located at SM North Edsa Sky Garden and for more info about their yummy original Japanese style hotdogs you can visit their website at

Captain Jack Sparrow ( Johnny Depp ) sails again for another adventure searching for the fountain of youth. It is the most exciting, action packed film of the Pirates series.  Together with the woman of her past Angelica ( Penelope Cruz ) and the Intimidating pirate Black Beard ( Ian Mcshane ) they quest to find two silver chalices, a mermaids tear and the fountain of youth. The movie was great and sure to smash box office records once again. Be sure to finish the movie until the end part of the credits and for the movie critics I have a question to ask, did we watched the same movie? :)

Juan Manila, Teenay and Captain Jack Sparrow 


* This film is loosely based on the 1988 pirate novel 'On Stranger Tides', by Tim Powers. The novel's protagonist is a pirate named Jack, but his character is significantly different from Jack Sparrow, so it remains to be seen how much of the novel remains in the final film.

* Penelope Cruz was pregnant during the filming of the movie

* Johnny Depp bought new water proof jackets for 500 crew members on the set to protect them for the cold weather. He spent a total of $64,200 from his own pocket.

Directed By: Rob Marshall
Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Philippines

Available in 3D and 2D on selected cinemas May 20, 2011
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

UNICEF Auction for Action

UNICEF Philippines is launching its first fundraising online auction entitled Auction for Action: A UNICEF Fundraising Online Auction to benefit children’s programs in the Philippines and worldwide ( goes live on 25 May 2011). This unique online auction in partnership with Ayala Malls, and Cibo brings together works of reputable artists in art, design, furniture, fashion, jewellery and photography along with exciting experiential packages.

Featured artists are: Manny Baldemor, Michael Cacnio, Celestina, Seb Chua, Kenneth Cobonpue, Araceli Limcaco Dans, Kristine Dee, Janina Dizon, Tom Epperson, Accessory Lab, Ito Kish, E. Billy Mondoñedo, Ramon Orlina, Debbie Palao, Ling Quisumbing Ramilo, Benji Reyes, Popo San Pascual, Vito Selma, Paul Syjuco, Ricky Toledo and Chito Vijandre of FIRMA/Felicity, Reg Yuson, and UNICEF Special Advocate for Children, Ms. Daphne Oseña Paez.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

San Juanico Golf Hotel is paradise for golfers

THE SAN JUANICO GOLF HOTEL, a 30-room hotel with breathtaking views of verdant, rolling hills and the engineering marvel that is San Juanico Bridge is now open for guests and golfing enthusiasts.
Located in Barangay Camansihay (just 10 kilometers from the capital Tacloban City), the new hotel inside the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club has all the amenities visitors would need for a comfortable, safe and memorable experience when touring Leyte or enjoying their golf game at the 18-hole golf course.

The San Juanico Golf Hotel helps meet the growing demand for quality accommodations needed by the increasing number of visitors to the Eastern Visayas region, especially Tacloban City.
The hotel has 30 units, which is ideal for our concept of a cozy, homey atmosphere for our guests. At this point, we’d still like to avoid a crowded feeling. With a controlled number of stay-in guests, it’s more likely for them to savor the lovely, expansive views and to feel relaxed and carefree, with lots of elbow room to spare,” says Mimi Acacio, President of San Juanico Golf Hotel.
Architect Ed Cumpio designed the hotel with the aim of giving guests every chance to feel relaxed and refreshed. In order to maximize guests’ experience of the surrounding landscape, Cumpio designed the outer units so that they have terraces that descend in a cascade.
As a result, occupants on each unit—from the top to the lower levels, are able to have an unobstructed, panoramic view of the landscaped golf course, the green hills, and the famous San Juanico Bridge that spans for two kilometers across the strait between Samar and Leyte islands. The San Juanico Bridge is considered the most beautiful sea-spanning bridge in the Philippines.
The feeling of being in such a beautiful, expansive, relaxing place surrounded by greenery, with clear skies and the view of the panoramic landscape that opens toward the huge bridge is a great stress reliever. You simply feel that you’ve left your cares behind and you have all the time for yourself and your loved ones,” says Liza Cahilig, who provided the customized beddings, accessories and drapes. 
When Mimi Acacio approached her for the project of providing the customized beddings and drapes—and after she saw the San Juanico Park Golf and Country Club—she was immediately inspired by the surroundings.
The very first word in my mind was ‘paradise’. The whole place is a showcase of natural beauty and human landscaping art. For the new hotel, I made sure that the drapes and beddings were customized for comfort and aesthetics that were functional and in good taste, without being gaudy,” Cahilig explains.
Acacio commends Cahilig for a wonderful job with the drapes, beddings and beddings accessories.
My concept was to create rooms that are relaxing, cozy and homey. Liza’s drapes, beddings and accessories helped me achieve the look and ambiance I wanted. The hotel rooms are comfortable and relaxing for those who want to rest and have some quiet, recharging privacy.
At the same time, I don’t want guests to remain inside the rooms all day! There’s so much relaxing, soul-nourishing beauty outside that they simply must go out, at least in the terraces where the views are spectacular,” Acacio says. 
The new hotel is for members and guests of the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club who want the convenience of overnight (or several nights) accommodations to avoid the hassle of going to the golf course and back to their hotels outside of Barangay Camansihay.
For Victor Domingo, the President of the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club, the new hotel is an important addition that makes their place even more attractive to members, potential members, golf enthusiasts and visitors.
The experience of San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club has gone from just enjoying a golf game with friends and family into a more complete experience of having a relaxing vacation as well,” says Domingo.
Other amenities of the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club include its spacious and comfy restaurant that serves delicious and mouth-watering local and international cuisine. Stay-in guests are also treated to free breakfast at the restaurant when they book accommodations at the hotel.
There’s also the swimming pool facility that has a pool for adults and another one for kids—making the golf and country club a perfect place for family bonding.
Over the medium- and long-term, Acacio says, the hotel also makes it possible for the San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club to host major golf tournaments. “Having a hotel along with existing amenities like the swimming pool, for example, makes us an ideal place for golf tournaments and other related events. Guests not only enjoy the sport but also relax, unwind and enjoy their time with family and friends with more convenience and comfort,” Domingo adds.
hose who wish to inquire about drapes, beddings and accessories may contact Liza Cahilig at Joann Ashley Garments Manufacturing and Design, UG 18, Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. (T) 359 0048 / 359 0049 and 0928-5061106.
For more information about the San Juanico Golf Hotel, please go to or call Sherwin Cabarse at 0926-8565954 for inquiries and booking information.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Something Borrowed Movie Review

Something Borrowed
By:Lakwatsera Lovers

 Based on the New York Times best-selling romantic novel by Emily Griffin. What if you are in love with your bestfriend's  fiancee would you fight or will you let go? I was satisfied with the concept of this movie revolving through the romantic relationships between the characters. I just don't like it having many twist and turns all throughout the story that the movie should end on that part but the story just goes on and on. Overall I think this chick flick is worth to see this weekend if your planning to watch a movie with your girlfriends.

It's just hard to be in the shoes of Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) whose been in love to Dex (Colin Egglesfield) the guy he had a crush on since law school that will be married to her best-friend Darcy (Kate Hudson). What will she choose the valued friendship or the love of her life?

Trivia : During a scene set at an airport, one of the greeters is seen holding a sign for 'L. Greenfield' which is a reference to Luke Greenfield the film's director.

Directed By: Luke Greenfield
Distributed by: Pioneer Films 
Opening in cinemas: May 11, 2011

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fast Five Screening Event By Teleserv

Fast Five Screening by Teleserv

Citizen Services partner of the National Statistics Office (NSO), the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA ) made a special event for bloggers a block screening of Fast Five at Gateway mall last night. If you are having trouble processing your documents like NSO Birth Certificate or a long wait for your appointment date at DFA to process your passport Teleserv will help you in this kind of problems and will make your life much easier. You can call their hot line 737-1111 for a quick process of you NSO birth certificate and other important certificates that will be delivered right through your doorstep. As for DFA appointment date request you just call 737-1000 and Teleserv will process your appointment date to process your passport much faster. you call also visit contains a lot of information that can help you in your passport processing. For OEC request for OFW they can call 737-7777 or log on to so that they would not bother to go in POEA to process OEC. For complete details of all of their services you can visit their website

Thanks to this event I met other bloggers including my idol Juan Manila :) ( sad to say nakalimutan ko magpapicture hahaha ) Again Thank you to Teleserv you guys Rock :)
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scream 4 Movie Review

Scream IV
By: Lakwatsera Lovers

What is your favorite scary movie? Finally after 11 long years the fourth installment of one of the best slasher films once again hits on the big screen. SM Cinema together with Pioneer films hosted the Advance screening of Scream 4 last night at SM Megamall Cinema 2. Thank you for the tickets I've won in thier FB page. The film was great worth the wait to see my favorite killer Ghostface slashing teenager with his knife. The film was nerve racking from start to finish with a little bit of comedy all throughout the movie. With the returning casts Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox Scream 4 is a film you should not miss especially if you love to watch scary movies. Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson did a fantastic plot and major twist and turns in movie. Overall the movie is enjoyable, bloody and spine-chilling.

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) and Gale  (Courtney Cox), who are now married, as well as her cousin Jill (Emma Roberts)  and her Aunt Kate. Unfortunately Sidney's appearance also brings about the return of Ghostface, putting Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, along with Jill, her friends, and the whole town of Woodsboro in danger.

Trivia : 
* Ashley Greene was considered for the lead role, but ultimately, Emma Roberts was cast.

* Neve Campbell and Emma Roberts two of the lead actresses in the film, both admitted to being terrified of horror films. Emma Roberts stated she was hid under the covers while watching the first 3 'Scream' films. Also, Neve Campbell stated a while back that she can't watch the films, because she doesn't like being scared.

* Wes Craven stated he was not going to return as director unless the script was as good as the first Scream

Please like SM CINEMA FB PAGE   and SM MEGAMALL FB PAGE   for Movie updates and other promos.

                                                     Luckily he didn't bring his knife :)

Directed By: Wes Craven
Distributed by: Pioneer Films 
Opening in SM CINEMAS: May 04 2011

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