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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

‘Manila Mavericks’ Tickets on sale from 1 September 2014

Sharapova, Murray live at Mall of Asia Arena from 28-30 November 2014

Manila, 29 August 2014: Philippines’ International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) franchise ‘Manila Mavericks’ announced the start of ticket sales from 1 September in the capital city of Manila.

The Mall of Asia Arena will now host the inaugural IPTL in a last minute move by IPTL from 28-30 November 2014, bringing to the city some of the world’s finest tennis stars for an epic three-day display of sport and entertainment. During the three-day extravaganza, the Manila Mavericks will take on the UAE Royals, Singapore Slammers and Indian Aces for the winning team’s purse of USD 1 million. 
Eric Gottschalk, COO of IPTL who is currently in town to kick start the ticket campaign announced today that “When the Mall of Asia, one of the finest entertainment venues in the world, recently opened up the dates required to host the IPTL, we had to reconsider our previous venue options and quickly agreed that MOA is the right fit to host such an event.”

Mahesh Bhupathi, Founder of the IPTL was quick to add: “SM is the biggest conglomerate in the Philippines and having them as a partner adds a lot of value to our property and validates the potential of our league. I would like to thank SM for their long term commitment to the IPTL and the Manila Mavericks and we look forward to staging a World Premiere at MOA Arena in November”

Starting on 1 September 2014, 3-day passes only be available for the Manila event through SM Tickets, the ticket outlet of the MOA Arena which will sell during the Early Bird period between 1-15 September from General Admission (Pesos 2,500) to VIP (Pesos 49,000 including of red carpet entry) as part of a conscious and sensitive pricing strategy to make this event accessible to as many tennis fans as possible in the Philippines.

Each 3-DAY Pass entitles the holder to watch 2 daily matches, which will start at 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm local time, each day. The Mall of Asia Arena with its spectator capacity of over 13,000 seats has a tradition of hosting major sporting events but it will be the first time that Manila hosts a professional tennis event in the city.

The event will give the Philippine tennis fans, families, and young adults a world-class stage to watch the best current and former ATP and WTA players up close and personal as they compete for team victory.

The IPTL confirmed the participating players of the Manila Mavericks with Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray as the Mavericks’ top players, which will be joined by their teammates Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, Kirsten Flipkens, Daniel Nestor, Carlos Moya and top Philippines player Treat Huey. 28-year-old Huey is the Philippines’ #1 and current ATP Doubles World No. 33. The player’s fans will get to see him live in action at a home event for the first time.

Other “Superstars” to come to Manila are: Serena Williams, Ana Ivanovic, Eugenie Bouchard, Danilela Hantuchova, Thoms Berdych, Lleyton Hewitt, Patrick Rafter, Nick Kyrgios, Gael Monfils, Fabrice Santoro, Richard Gasquet, Goran Ivanisevic and more.

The IPTL is “Breaking the Code” of traditional rules of tennis with its new format in which each match consist of 5 sets played in different formats by different players (men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles and former Champions’ singles) and where each game won counts as one point for the team point’s total. The team that wins the most games overall, across the five sets, wins the match.

Fans will see players calling for “time-outs” in the middle of a game, announcing a “power point” and play a “shoot out” to decide the winners of each match, while live entertainment, a running shot clock and many more features promise edge of the seat action.

Key local marketing activities will be launched in the Philippines soon to support the promotion of the event, while fans can purchase reduced priced tickets during the Early Bird promotion between 1-15 September through

About International Premier Tennis League 
The International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) is a unique team-based tennis league founded by multiple grand-slam winner, India’s Mahesh Bhupathi and played across 4 countries in Asia. The league will feature 21 Grand Slam Champions and 14 current/former World Number Ones, with the winning team walking away with prize money of USD 1 million. The inaugural edition will be held in the cities of Manila, Singapore, New Delhi and Dubai between 28th November and 13th December 2014. 
The IPTL promises to ‘Break the Code’ of the game’s traditional etiquette in order to attract a new audience to the sport. Modeled after successful international sports franchise concepts and being recognized as tennis’ newest spectacle, the IPTL combines world-class sport and entertainment in a format that keeps both spectators and global TV viewers thoroughly engaged.

For the latest photos, photos and updates please visit:

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Monday, September 1, 2014

“THE PYRAMID” Unlocks Ancient Terror (Poster and Trailer Reveal )

In "The Pyramid," a team of U.S. archaeologists unearths an ancient pyramid buried deep beneath the Egyptian desert. As they search the pyramid's depths, they become hopelessly lost in its dark and endless catacombs. Searching for a way out, they become desperate to seek daylight again. They come to realize they aren't just trapped, they are being hunted.

Produced by Alexandre Aja and directed by Gregory Levasseur (known for their thrilling works in "The Hills Have Eyes," "P2," "Mirrors") "The Pyramid" is a horrifying, hair-raising tale of explorers cursed who dared to enter the ancient wonder.  The movie stars Ashley Hinshaw, Denis O'Hare and James Buckley. 

The film follows a cast of characters who enter a newfound pyramid in the Egyptian desert. However, as they begin exploring the labyrinthine structure, they quickly realize that what they are actually standing in is a sort of prison – and what that prison is keeping trapped inside is something more nightmarish than any of the explorers could’ve imagined.

Alexandre Aja shared in this year’s Comic Con that the movie is too intense such that they preferred to retain the movie’s effective scares.  “During prep on “Horns” I was going to Morocco to help Greg. The Pyramid was was too intense and we didn’t want to change the movie. The movie’s really cool. The story is based on true fact. American archeologists use a satellite to X-ray the Egyptian desert. In the film, they find an Egyptian pyramid, bigger than any one we know, buried in the sand and they find a way to get in. The Egyptian authority asks them to leave and they have 24 hours to go see what’s inside and they shouldn’t do that. It’s an adventure type movie, but pretty intense. This is The Descent with an Indiana Jones vibe,” Aja said.

"The Pyramid" opens December 10 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.  Ready to for the scare, here’s a tease of the evil that’s about to be unleashed:

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A Million Ways To Die In The West: Movie Review

By: Lakwatsera Lovers

I was really hoping to see this film on the big screen, and finally my prayers were answered as A Million Ways to Die in the West will be shown exclusively on September 3 at Ayala Malls Cinemas. With the recent success of Ted, Seth MacFarlane's latest project is simply hard to ignore plus an interesting line-up of stars willing to take the challenge of a western comedy spin off.

Albert (Seth MacFarlane) is a cowardly sheep farmer left by her beautiful girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried) after he backs out from a duel gunfight. His life changes when he met a mysterious gorgeous woman named Anna (Charlize Theron), who helped her to move on and eventually the two fall in love. However, Anna is already married with the most vicious outlaw (Liam Neeson) in town, which puts Albert in his toughest challenge yet.

A Million Ways to Die in the West is a hit-or-miss comedy. There are a lot of jokes that promise to give you a reason to laugh hard but there are also some skits that you simply want to erase out of your mind. The fart joke is a bit overused, but some of the grossed out humor still managed to entertain the audience. The film also delivered some surprises like the hilarious song and dance number plus noticeable cameo  that you wouldn't expect.

Seth MacFarlane once again proves that he is a slick writer when it comes to comedy. Some might find his humor offensive, but obviously he is really good at it. The stellar cast didn't disappoint notably Charlize Theron, Neil Patrick Harris and Amanda Seyfried. But it was Sarah Silverman's hooker character mostly provided the best laughs.

Overall, A Million Ways to Die in the West is too silly for its own good. It had its moments to shine, but its comedy is like a light bulb that continues to flicker on and off. We still had fun watching this, but we will all have to wait for Ted 2 to come out next year.

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 7.5 out of 10 stars 

Cast: Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried, Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson

Directed by: Seth MacFarlane
Distributed by: United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures PH
Opens September 3 exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas 

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The Purge Anarchy: Movie Review

By: Lakwatsera Lovers

Last year's The Purge has an extremely silly story that only revolves around a house with dumb characters. Luckily, Director James DeMonaco follows it up and expanded the wreckage and brutality of the whole concept outside where the violence is reigns effectively. 

With the commencement of the sixth annual Purge where all crimes are legal in one night every year. Hospitals and Law enforcement services are not accessible during the Purge for a span of twelve hours. The Purge: Anarchy revolves around three different sets of individuals: A mysterious man (Frank Grillo) armed himself to kill for revenge, a mother and daughter (Carmen Ejogo and Zoe Soul) who've been assaulted inside their home, and a couple (Zach Gilford and Kiele Sanchez) who unfortunately broke down their car on the streets. The five people end up together and make their way and survive the hell night. 

Surprisingly, the film improves and delivered a worth-it sequel. The story was expanded out into the streets where the mayhem belongs. The more carnage, the better but the film can be explored more with its dark premise. Still, it managed to bring a thrilling atmosphere where the characters battle for their survival against masked men and rich folks who use their money to join the killing festivity. The casts performed well led by Frank Grillo: a heroic man with a few words who is indeed a force to wreck with.

Overall, The Purge Anarchy succeeded to top its predecessor. We have a wider range of canvass to explore and characters to care about. There are still a lot of ideas can be thrown inside and play more within the hideous crimes that can happen. A third movie can all make it happen, and I will gladly wait to see the outcome of a possible darker chapter of this franchise.

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 8.5 out of 10 stars

Cast: Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford

Directed  by: James DeMonaco
Distributed by: United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures PH
Now Showing in Selected Cinemas

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Amanda Seyfried, The Heartbreaker “A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST”

Amanda Seyfried (“Les Miserables,” “Red Riding Hood”) stars as Louise, the woman who would break the hero's heart in, Universal Pictures' new comedy “A Million Ways to Die in the West” (opening exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas nationwide on Sept 3.)

In the film, after sheep farmer Albert (Seth MacFarlane) backs out of a gunfight, his fickle girlfriend, Louise (Seyfried) leaves him for another man. When a mysterious and beautiful woman named Anna (Charlize Theron) rides into town, she helps him find his courage and they begin to fall in love. But when her husband (Liam Neeson), a notorious outlaw, arrives seeking revenge, the farmer must put his newfound courage to the test.

The filmmakers wanted to find an actress who was right in the "Goldilocks" zone, someone who could express that artful balance between a woman whom you don't really want the guy to end up with because she's not the nicest person, but a character who still has enough redeeming qualities that you don't think the guy is an idiot for pining after her. Someone "just right."

Actor-writer-director Seth MacFarlane found everything the team wanted in accomplished actress Amanda Seyfried. He explains: "Amanda is a great example of someone who is perfectly cast. There was the scene on the log where she's talking to Albert and is about to dump him, and I remember thinking, 'God, she is nailing it. She's either the world's greatest actress, or she's cut down a bunch of guys like this.' Amanda is very sweet, so I quickly learned it wasn't the latter; she's just extremely good."

Seyfried was initially surprised at her casting. She advises: "Most of my projects haven't been comedy." Discussing her character, the performer shares: "Louise is a selfish young lady who dumps Albert in such a blunt, insensitive way because he's not getting it. She is enamored of Foy, town's most successful businessman, and how awesome she thinks he is that she can't quite see who he really is. Foy's very charismatic and he's got balls, while Albert has no balls at all... figuratively speaking of course. Foy's attractive to her because he has confidence and sex appeal, and his moustache is really hot."

Although Theron's and Seyfried's characters were at odds, that's where the similarities between the actresses ended. Theron explains that she struggled with the biting dialogue that was directed toward her on-screen nemesis: "I found myself constantly looking at Seth and saying, 'I can't say that. It's Amanda, come on.' There is a line where I have to tell her she looks bad in this dress. I was thinking that I am just not that good of an actor. I mean, look at her! She's like a little doll."

  A Million Ways to Die in the West” is distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Zoomanity Group: It's Cool to Zoo

Visiting a zoo is very educational since you'll actually see the live animals unlike now we usually just see them in cable channels in documentaries or some videos in Youtube.  

When I was still a kid, my parents usually brought me to a zoo. I was really afraid at first, as I remember I had a picture crying while my dad carried me to feed a giraffe. Sadly, zoos and the animals are nearly extinct as we previously visited the same zoo a couple of years back.  Most of the animals like tigers, lions and giraffes are long gone. We would be all doomed, if one day we can only see these creatures by surfing the Internet and just tell our kids that this what a tiger looks like.

 photo credit:

The good thing is there are six theme parks here in our country owned by Zoomanity group where you can still experience an adventure with the whole family. They handle six theme parks namely Paradizoo located in Mendez Cavite, Residence Inn in Tagaytay, Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol, Zoocobia in Clark Pampanga, Zoobic Safari in Subic and Z Planet inside the Star City in Manila.

These amazing places not only feature a wide range of different species of animals but also offer a lot more. For example, when you visit Residence Inn, you can feel the breeze of Tagaytay by simply settling for an overnight stay with a great overlooking scenery of the Taal Lake. You can also dine in at their Gazebo restaurant where you can feast on fried Tawilis partnered with a hot famous Bulalo perfect for the cold weather. 

 photo credit:

While on Zoobic Safari in Clark will leave you breathless as you can access their two-hectare forest where you can experience to trek and see wild animals in their simulated natural habitat. There is also a Safari Jeep which you can ride and conquer your fears as tigers roam around to chase you, better yet to try to take a selfie with them.

At Paradizoo Farm in Cavite. You can roam around a farm filled with animals behind some fences like ostriches, camels, llamas and miniature horses. Plus you can experience their "Plant Me Home" activity where you can select a flower or vegetable from their garden to take home.
These are just some of the attractions you can experience in their wonderful parks. There are a lot more to learn and discover when you visit these paradises built by Zoomanity Group. So what are you waiting for? Check your calendars now and plan a vacation for the whole family to enjoy. 

You can check out their rates and packages here:
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If I Stay: Movie Review

By: Lakwatsera Lovers

First, we would like to thank Warner Brothers Pictures PH for inviting us last night to the press screening of If I Stay. It is another movie based on a book now featuring the best-selling novel of Gayle Forman in 2009. The trailer alone easily attracts the same audience that enjoyed the successful tearjerker flick, "The Fault In Our Stars" which recently conquered the cinemas last June.

Mia Hall (Chloe Grace Moretz) had the most incredible life experience since he met his rocker boyfriend Adam (Jamie Blackley.)  But things get rough when Mia is torn between pursuing her musical dream at Julliard or to be with her one true love. Then a tragic accident happened, and Mia's life hangs in the balance. Now it's up to her to decide which path to take whether if she should stay or move on?

Sorry "TFIOS" fans but If I Stay is a much better film for my point of view anyway. The film pretty much maintained a smooth sailing pace throughout. It avoided diving into a flinty style of storytelling managing to keep it simple yet brings impact to its viewers. The narration and the back and forth scenes from Mia's past and present were also neatly done.

Thanks to Chloe Grace Moretz as she managed to offer a convincing steady performance. She is just 17, but she is stunning and keeps on getting better each time we see her on a movie. She is very versatile and a remarkable actress. We didn't expect much with Jamie Blackley, but he also did well with his rocker image. The two has a very real, palpable chemistry which is powerful on the screen. The supporting casts are excellent. Joshua Leonard and Mireille Enos were both terrific as Mia's parents. They're both cool rockers in the past who is willing to sacrifice for their family. But one of the most memorable scene was made by Stacy Keach. I'm indeed sure that Gramps will definitely melt your hearts out.

Overall, If I Stay is an engrossing romantic film which is emotionally engaging, captivating and shifts' gears from compelling to enthralling. It may leave you a bit hanging in the end, but we're indeed hoping for the next chapter to unfold soon enough for us to be fully satisfied. 

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 9 out of 10 stars

Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Jamie Blackley, Mireille Enos

Directed by: R.J. Cutler 
Distributed by: Warner Brothers Pictures PH
Opens September 3 in cinemas nationwide

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‘’Jinn” Star Dominic Rains Discusses New Thriller

In the Beginning, Three were Created…Man made of Clay.Angels made of Light. And a Third…made of Fire.

From the beginning, stories of angels and men have captured our imaginations and have been etched into our history crossing all boundaries of culture, religion, and time. These two races have dominated the landscape of modern mythology for countless centuries, almost washing away the evidence that a third ever existed. This third race, born of smokeless fire, was called the jinn. Similar to humans in many ways, the jinn lived invisibly among us and only under dire or unusual circumstances were our paths ever meant to cross. 
As humans became the dominant force on Earth, contact between man and jinn steadily decreased. Modern man has all but forgotten the jinn. 

Jinn” is the new thriller set to make its theatrical release in Philippines  on September 10. 
Dominic Rains the star of the film discusses his character, and projects he hopes to work on in the future.

 How did working on “JINN” compare to any other production you have worked on?
Well first of all it was the first time I was carrying a film the whole way through. It was by far one of the most physically exhausting experiences I’ve had which in turn was emotionally exhausting.  I mean there were days where I was drenched in water in Michigan 30 degree biting weather, and that’s just one part of it. The majority of the shoots were night shoots so my hours were completely off. I also played three characters in the film which made it ever so interesting. But given the material at hand, the most challenging place was trying to find the arc of the character.  Sometimes you’re shooting out of sequence, time is against you, you’re shooting on 35mm film so you’ve got to get it right or you’re just burning film, unlike digital where you can shoot endlessly, and you’ve got to focus all your energy to make sure that you know in the grand scheme of things, you’re giving just enough for the 180mm lens that’s focused on your eyes. One exaggerated expression here or there and it’s a 15 foot difference on the silver screen. AJ, the writer/director, loved to tell me, ‘its all in the eyes!’ haha… But learning to focus and harness that energy was important. And knowing what the scene was about was imperative.

What can you tell us about the character (Shawn) you play in this film?
Shawn is an automotive engineer living a quiet idyllic life with his wife Jasmine when one day it is interrupted by a package delivered by a sketchy dude that contains an encrypted message. It warns him of imminent danger and that this ‘thing’ the Jinn is coming after him. At first Shawn tries to disregard the message but weird things start to happen and after a number of events test his belief, his wife is kidnapped and Shawn is forced to face his fears and is tossed through a gauntlet of emotional, physical and mental tests. He is helped along the way by three men who aid him in what to do to fight and overcome the Jinn, but ultimately he’s the only one that can save himself and his family.

What was your favorite scene to shoot?
I had two favorite scenes in the film; the first was with his parents when he’s trying to piece everything together and the second was at the end of the film where he rises to the occasion. I won’t say anymore than that but that it’s a very cool scene and you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. Everything came together, AJ’s direction, our stunt performers, Ray Park, and the incredible genius of our VFX supervisor Joe Coleman. It was a test of many things that evening and it’s a testament to the work of a great team. On a personal level it was a test of the physical and mental for myself.

Why should audiences go out and see this film?  How does it stand out above other mystery thrillers?
Well besides the fact that it’s based on an ancient mythology that over 2 billion people believe in around the world, it’s mentioned or alluded to in the books of the leading three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  Also, it’s a fun family film for all ages; it’s essentially a hero story of courage and the will to fight to overcome our fears. We see the slow rise of a man who finds it in himself to become the man he never thought existed.

You have worked on a variety of different TV shows and film.  What genre of film do you hope to work on that you haven’t done yet?
I’d really like to go into more heavy dramas, dark comedies and twisted psychological thrillers. It would be a dream to work with filmmakers like Gasper Noe, PT Anderson, The Coen Brothes, Lars Von Trier. Very avant garde, art house, challenging character pieces. I love playing heavy character pieces.  I enjoy the leading men as well but since they tend to be closer to me they’re more a naked vulnerability.  With character heavy roles you get to be vulnerable as well but you get to funnel them through a lot more so you can indulge a bit more, it seems.

Who are some actors that you admire and hope to work with in the future?
There are so many actors I admire.  So many actors of all ages that inspire me and push me to do great work that I don’t have enough space to say them all but in the meantime I’ll express a few. God bless Phillip Seymour Hoffman, he was a titan, he’ll stand as one of my all time greats. I would love the pleasure to work with Ethan Rains, Daniel Day Lewis, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Robert Duvall, Willem Defoe, Susan Sarandon, Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, JACK NICHOLSON for sure, Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchett and the list goes on.

  ‘’Jinn’’ is released and distributed by CAPTIVE CINEMA.
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Zach Braff’s WISH I WAS HERE

Zach Braff is currently performing on Broadway, and for a time he starred in the TV comedy Scrubs. But he's also known for directing and starring in the 2004 film Garden State, a model of 20-something angst.

Braff also directs and stars in his latest film, Wish I Was Here, which he co-wrote with his older brother, Adam. The collaboration yielded a coming-of-age story of sorts. It's about a guy who hasn't quite earned the title of adult, even though he's already a family man with kids. Braff's character, Aidan Bloom, struggles when his father is diagnosed with cancer and his wife, the family breadwinner, starts to rethink her role.

Braff talks to NPR's Audie Cornish about what inspired him and his brother to write the story and the similarities between the female protagonists in Garden State and Wish I Was Here.

On what inspired Braff and his brother to write this story

My brother is in one of those situations — his wife is the primary wage earner and he is home more often with the kids as he writes and pursues his artistic endeavors. And we started seeing that in lots of different aspects of our lives, both with people in the arts and people who weren't.

And so another thing we wanted to talk about was how that affected masculinity — this societal agreement we have had for years that the man is the primary breadwinner and the man takes care of his family — and how that change might be affecting masculinity and child-rearing and all of those things that come along with it. It was something that we found really interesting but didn't really see anyone writing about.

 On Aidan's insistence on pursuing his dream?

He's pursuing an entertainment dream, but we really wanted it to be a metaphor for anyone pursuing their dream in any way, whether that be, you know, finding true love or starting their business or whatever it is — insert your dream here.

The question for us was ... if this is it, how do I make the most of my life? How do I make the most of my time here? And how long am I allowed to pursue all the things I thought I was going to do when I was a kid and when I was in college and when I was wide-eyed and I was in my 20s? And now I have a family, now I have bills, now I have so many responsibilities.

On how Aidan's pursuit of his dream affects his relationship with his wife, played by Kate Hudson?

I think there [are] a lot of relationships out there — it's not always the woman, sometimes it's the man — where one person has really dedicated their lives to helping the other person pursue their dream. And they love them and they believe in them and they root for them, but at a certain point they're saying, "I can't do anymore. I need help." And that's what Kate's character is saying in this film, is "I do love you, and I do support you. But, you know, I can't be the only one on this treadmill doing this job I don't like to feed our kids. I need help." ...

One of the things that Aidan learns is that he has to show up for his family. He has to rally; he has to find a way to continue to pursue his goals but not be so checked-out, not to have disappeared from his family. I mean, I think if he finds any spirituality in the film, that's what he finds.

On the similarities between the female protagonists in Garden State, played by Natalie Portman, and Wish I Was Here

I've always had this fantasy of being saved by a great woman, a powerful woman. I mean, yes, Natalia's character was quirky and silly, or maybe that's just the type of woman I'm attracted to so I sort of wrote my dream girl. But I've always loved this fantasy that I would be rescued and saved by a great, strong woman. And I think in both films there are very strong women who are helping men come into maturity. I mean, they say that women and girls mature faster than men and I think in this film Kate's character is a very, very strong woman who's doing her best to hold an entire family together. The men are running around thinking like they're in control when really, behind the scenes, it's a strong woman that is, you know, keeping this family together.

On what he learned from making the film?

It definitely taught me I want to have kids. I can't wait to have children one day. I'm a really good uncle and I love my nieces and nephews, and I really love this young actress, Joey King, who played my daughter. She's just so special. And, you know, just that relationship of when your child is, you know, old enough to just teach you so much, and just the idea of a young child bringing you back to possibility and hope through their young wide eyes is something that's very intoxicating to me.

  Wish I Was Here” is released and distributed by CAPTIVE CINEMA.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tom Hardy Reveals New Side of Himself in "THE DROP"

The discovery of an abandoned and abused puppy leads a lonely bartender out of his constricted world in "The Drop," a riveting journey through a rarely seen side of working-class Brooklyn. The first film written by best-selling author Dennis Lehane, "The Drop" sets an unusual love story against the volatile backdrop of organized crime’s unbreakable grip on the small pubs and taverns used as money-laundering “drops.”

Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy) slings drinks in his Cousin Marv’s (James Gandolfini in his final performance) bar and looks the other way whenever Brooklyn crime bosses use the place as a temporary bank for their ill-gotten gains. He keeps to himself, attending Mass daily at the old neighborhood parish church, but never taking Communion.

Bob’s simple life becomes much more complicated when he discovers a battered pit bull puppy in a trash can. Turning to his neighbor Nadia (Noomi Rapace) for help, he nurses the puppy back to health, as their mutual concern for the dog sparks an unexpected attraction between them. But when Eric Deeds (Matthias Schoenaerts), the dog’s original owner and Nadia’s abusive ex-boyfriend, tries to reclaim both of them, and a robbery at the bar puts Bob in the crosshairs of the Chechen crime boss who owns it, Bob is forced to face the shocking truth about the people he thinks he knows best—including himself.

To direct the movie, the producers selected Michaƫl R. Roskam, a Belgian with one feature film to his credit: "Bullhead," a dark thriller about a brooding and dangerous loner that was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2011.

It was such a strong debut for a director,” says executive producer Larocca. “The way he handled the cast made it really clear that this is a guy who knows how to work with actors. Our script has rich and deeply complex characters, so we needed someone we knew could work with actors to draw out truly extraordinary performances.”

The success of Roskam’s first feature was rapidly opening doors for the director in Hollywood, and he gave careful consideration to the choices he was offered. “This is the first time I have directed a film from a script I didn’t write,” Roskam says. “One of the things that drove my decision was that I wished I had written it. I knew it was the story for me. It was extremely well-written and plot-driven, but with the kind of complex character development that appeals to me.”  
"The Drop" will open in cinemas soon from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.  

Check out the trailer below: 
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